The Lonely-Hearts Club

Written by Quddus Mirza


There can be many definitions of creativity, but the simplest one is: to join two different entities and get something new. We are all born through such a procedure and we employ the same formula to fabricate our artworks. Creative individuals often approach it in the most unimaginable manner; establishing a link plainly shocking, utterly odd and normally impossible. However, the excitement lies for makers and viewers in finding a relationship between elements that usually does not exist. Yet an artist, a writer, a composer, an actor, a dancer, a musician makes this hybrid – or monster. Bringing art to the world is like giving birth to a creature against the course, design and whims of nature.


A number of artists blend the past with the present, the local with the foreign, the inner with the outer, and the poetic with the political, to concoct a unique version of familiar reality. Unlike biological birth, which often does have a concern and consent, but not a ‘content’; a work of art is loaded with meaning since the moment of its inception. That meaning, or meaning-force determines not only its worth but its life, too.