Making Sense Of Security

Writen by Quddus Mirza


In her solo show at Aicon Gallery, New York, Seher Naveed depicts security contraptions as an integral part of our societal existence.


The present times demand that the English word ‘security’ be replaced by ‘insecurity’, especially in a Pakistani context. Irrespective of whether you are in a privileged sector or a low-income locality, you are sure to come across houses with an extraordinary architectural feature: security. Once a building is complete, a number of security installations are fixed before the residents can move in. Besides the traditional methods, including erecting high boundary walls and fixing broken glass pieces on top of the walls, there are more elaborate, elevated, sophisticated, complicated and cruel ways to protect those inside a house, an office, a government complex, a place of worship, a public park, a shopping mall or a venue for entertainment.