Born 1940, Andhra Pradesh, India

Laxma Goud is recognized for his graceful, yet powerful line drawings, etchings and watercolors. Born in Nizampur, Andhra Pradesh in 1940, he earned a diploma in drawing and painting from the Government College of Art and Architecture, Hyderabad, in 1963. Goud later studied mural painting and printmaking at M.S. University, Baroda. By the late 1960s, Goud had developed a distinct style with finely chiseled, yet pliant lines and delicate washes of color that he used to depict man's interaction with nature.

According to Goud, 'there is eroticism in nature itself." Humor, earthiness and vitality emerge as Goud transforms the characters of his works - man into goat, goat into woman, and man and woman peer lustfully at each other. Goud also explores man's connection to his environment. From men, women, goats, huts to vegetation, Laxma's simple images reflect an idyllic reality that is slowly being threatened by urbanisation. The works recreate the rural landscape as if it is frozen in time. The color, innocence, simplicity, flora and fauna are indicative of the bucolic naivety.

Apart from Goud's great narrative ability, the artist's remarkable skill and sophistication in handling his medium (pencil or brush) are evident. A master draughtsman, Goud is a versatile printmaker and painter and has worked in a variety of mediums: etching, gouache, pastel and grass paintings. Incisiveness, hatched lines and a keen eye for detail have been his trademark forte. He was a favored artist by the Herwitzes and was the most represented artist in their collection.

The artist lives and works in Hyderabad.


1963 Diploma, Government College of Art and Architecture, Hyderabad
1963-65 Studied Mural Painting and Printmaking at M.S. University, Baroda

Select Solo Exhibitions

2011 Solo Exhibition, Art Musings, Mumbai
Everyday Life, Focus Art Gallery, Chennai
2009 Laxma Goud: Solo Exhibition, Aicon Gallery, London
2007 Laxma Goud 40 years: A Retrospective, Aicon Gallery, New York
2006 Sculptures, Bronze and Terra-cottas, Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai
2003 Aicon Gallery, New York
2001-02 Grey Art Gallery, New York

Select Group Exhibitions

2011 States of Departure: Progressives to Present Day, Aicon Gallery, London
Anecdotes, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
2010 Dali’s Elephant, Aicon Gallery, London
The Living Insignia, Gallery Ensign, New Delhi
Modern Folk: The Folk Art Roots of the Modernist Avant-Garde, Aicon Gallery, New York
Black is Beautiful, India Fine Art, Mumbai
Essential, Eclectic,...Ephemeral, The Harrington Mansions, Calcutta
2009 Mark of Masters -2, Art and Soul, Mumbai
In Search of the Vernacular, Aicon Gallery, New York
Sacred and Secular, India Fine Art, Mumbai
Think Small, Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi
The Root of Everything, Gallery Mementos, Bangalore
Gallery Space, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
2008 Summer Collection, works by Modern and Contemporary South Asian Artists Aicon Gallery, London
2007 From the Vault, Aicon Gallery, London and New York
2006 Back to the Future, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
1986 Indian Art Tomorrow, Philips Collection, Washington D.C.
1977 São Paulo Biennale, Brazil


Born 1935, Kolkata

Sakti Burman's characteristic imagery resembles weathered frescos. As he depicts his figures in hues that
seem once vivid, and are now faded, he immortalizes his subjects. He transports his viewers into a dreamlike world. Perspective and composition evoke medieval icons. Burman also uses a marbling effect,
achieved by blending oils with acrylics, and applies the paint in a pointillist fashion.

"Through my works I return to my native roots, to my childhood and that transitory world of innocence".
Burman's mythical creatures tell ancient tales of courtly romances and enchanting worlds: comely maidens, children astride elephants, flutists, fruit laden trees, exotic flowers, birds and beasts.

The artist lives and works in Paris.


1956 Government College of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata
Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris

Select Solo Exhibitions

2011 Yesterday Once Again, Apparao Galleries, Chennai
Pages from a Sketchbook, Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
2009 Archetype, Aicon Gallery, London
2009 Encaptured Gaze, Jehangir Art Gallery; Art Musings, Mumbai in association with Aicon Gallery
2008 Maison de l’Unesco, organized by Unesco, Salles Miro, Paris
Art Alive, New Delhi
Aicon Gallery, New York
2007 Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2006 Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 Retrospective, organized by Apparao Galleries, Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat
2001 Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata
Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
Art Today, New Delhi
1999 Atlantic Gallery, New York organized by Apparao Galleries
1997 Cloitre de la Dame Blanche, La Rochelle
Exhibitions organized by Ecole de Paris at Tokushima, Myazaki and Osaka
1996 Exhibitions organized by Ecole de Paris at Wakayama and Sapporo
1995 Apparao Galleries, Chennai
1994 Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
1993 Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata
1992 Centre of Contemporary Art, New Delhi
1990 Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
1989 Semaine Culturelle Indienne, Eaubonne, Val d’Oise
Fondation Firmin Bauby, Perpignan
XX salon du Grenier a sel, Orleans

Select Group Exhibitions

2011 Aureus 2011, Gallerie Nyva, New Delhi
2010 10 x 10, Gallery Threshold, New Delhi
Dali’s Elephant, Aicon Gallery, London
The Living Insignia, Gallery Ensign, New Delhi
Modern Folk: The Folk Art Roots of the Modernist Avant-Garde, Aicon Gallery, New York
2009 Think Small, Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi
2008 Art Alive, New Delhi
2007 An Evening in Paris …Rome…London, Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata
Understanding Oneness in Diversity, Kitab Mahal, Mumbai
Indiaart 2007, organized by International Institute of Fine Arts at House of Lords, London
Faces of Indian art, organized by Art Alive at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Invited as “Artist in Focus” at Harmony Show, Nehru Center Mumbai
MIRROR organized by Gallery NVYA, New Delhi
Resixsances organized by Art Musings at Museum Gallery, Mumbai
2006 Shadanga Curated by Alka Pande and Gallerie Genesha, Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Making of Divinity curated by Ina Purl, Sakeh Gallery, Mumbai
Harmony Show organized by Tina Aruban, Mumbai
Two 2 Tango, organized by Gallera Nvya, Lalo Kala Akixlarni, New Delhi
2005 The New Space, organized by Art Space, Dubai
10th Harmony Show organized by The Ambani, Mumbai
Spirit Set Free, Golden Juelee Show organized by Kumar Gallery, New Delhi
2004 Confluence, organized by ArtsIndia, New York
AVislor - Looking Back; Looking Forward organized by Apparao Galleries
The Burman Family organized by Visual Arts, London, Gallery 27
Indian Artiste for France organized by French Embassy at Alliance Francaise, New Delhi
2003 Master Strokes organized by Art Musings, Mumbai
Portraits of a Decade organized by CIMA Gallery, Kolkata
The Celebration of Color, Vadehera Art Gallery and Times of India, Mumbai and New Delhi
Anniversary Exhibition, Art Musings, Mumbai
Shanti Path, Tao Gallery, Mumbai
The Said and the Unsaid, organized by The Committee of the Jehangir Art Gallery and Apparao Gallery, Mumbai
2002 Aspects of Modern Indian Painting, New York organized by Saffronart and Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
Palette 2002, Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
For Ihe Gukter Jubilese Celebration of Jehangir Art Gallery, participated in auction with three painters, Bombay
2001 Three Burman, Sakti, Maite and Maya, Art Today, New Delhi
Art of Bengal, Past and Present 1850-2000, National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai and CIMA Gallery, Kolkata
Burman’, Sakti, Maite, Maya’, Mediatheque du Lamentin, La Martinique
Indian Contemporary Art, organized by Saffronart, Hongkong
Indian Contemporary Art, organized by Saffronart in collaboration with Apparao Galleries, Los Angeles
A Treasure Trove, Paintings from B.K. Birla Family Collection, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata
2000 Mappings making new links between Artisinal Cultures of India and Egypt
Sigmund Freud’s ‘Interpretation of Dreams’, organized by University Art Museum, Birghamton, New York
1999 VIENNA Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams, organized by University Art Museum, Birghamton, New York; Artists in exhibition: Odilon Redon, Giorgio de Chirico, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali
1998 Christie’s Auction, Indian Contemporary paintings, London
Multimedia, Art of the 1900’s, CIMA Gallery, Kolkata
Harmony Show, Mumbai
Within The Fame, Apparao Galleries, Hongkong
The Art of Charity, Mumbai
1997 Displayed along with works of Picasso, Chagall and Miro at Tokushima, Myazaki and Osaka, Japan
Chamatkar, The Indian Metaphor, organized by CIMA , Kolkata at Whitleys Art Gallery, London

Honors & Awards

Medaille d’argent au Salon de Montmorency
Prix des Etrangers, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris
Prix de la ville de l’Isle-Adam
Medaille d’or, Salon des Artistes Francais, Grand Palais, Paris
Medaille arts, Science et Letters
Medaille au Salon de Juvisy
Invite d’honneur, Colombes
Invite d’honneur, Douai
Invite d’honneur, sainte-Maxime
Invite d’honneur, English Les Bains


Born 1956, Kerala, India

“Painting gave me self worth," says Parthan. "In that pictorial space, I was king. I began to define myself through this act of painting: It was the only place where I could 'be'." Excited by the prospect of studying art, Parthan went to Goa and enrolled in a five-year course in the fine arts. Parthan's course, running from 1978-1983, overlapped with the final influx of Westerners coming to Goa in search of enlightenment.

Parthan began to study the Indian mystical arts, exploring tantra, ritual arts, and Indian mythology. Simultaneously, Western art continued to exert an influence. Parthan names Larry Rivers, Miro, and the Cubist painters as important models.

In the early 1980s, Parthan decided to quit painting. Instead, he enrolled in a course on comparative mythology at Bombay University, and began working as a writer and illustrator. He returned to painting in the early 1990s, when he began to explore the imagery of mandalas and Tibetan tangas. These traditional subjects were balanced by his reading in post-modern theorists. In 1995, Parthan began to study computers, learning hardware engineering, building his own machine, and creating programs.

Parthan is especially interested in the influence of technology on religious beliefs, the implications of genetic engineering, and the possibilities of post-humanism (i.e. the development of symbiotic relations between men and machines).

Baiju Parthan secured his BFA from the Mumbai University, and has hence held successful solo exhibitions in Mumbai, New Delhi and Goa. He has also participated in major group shows in Calcutta, Mumbai, New York and other centers.


2007 Masters in Philosophy, University of Mumbai
1991 Postgraduate Diploma in Comparative Mythology
1978-83 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), Goa College of Art, Goa
1976 Bachelors Degree in Botany

Select Solo Exhibitions

2011 Dislocation: Milljunction Part 2, Aicon Gallery London
2010 Milljunction, Aicon Gallery, New York
2007 Liquid Memory + Rant, organized by Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2006 Source Code, organized by Art Musings, Mumbai at Museum Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 Vapour, New Media Prints, The Guild Gallery, Mumbai
New Media Prints, The Guild Gallery, Mumbai
2002 Espace Gallery, New Delhi
Fine Art Company, Mumbai
2000 Lakeeren Contemporary Art Gallery, Mumbai
1999 Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore
1997 Apparao Galleries, Chennai
1995 Sophia Duchesne Galllery, Mumbai
1992 Masterpiece Gallery, New Delhi

Select Group Exhibitions

2011 Gallery Sumukha, Chennai
Melange, The Harrington Street Arts Centre, Kolkata
Pause: A Collection, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
High-Light, presented by Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai at The Oberoi, Gurgaon
Tech-Cut-Edge-Revelations, Ashna Gallery, New Delhi
Reprise, Aicon Gallery London
2010 Go See India, Vasa Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden
Looking Glass: The Existence of Difference, Twenty Indian Contemporary Artists presented by Religare Arts Initiative, New Delhi in collaboration with American Centre; British Council; Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi
Changing Skin, presented by The Fine Art Company at Coomaraswamy Hall, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalay, Mumbai
Constructed Realities, The Guild, Mumbai
The Evolution of the Species, Institute of Contemporary Indian Art (ICIA), Mumbai
Art Musings, Mumbai
By George, presented by Cherry Art Foundation at Alliance Francaise de Delhi, New Delhi
Symbols and Metaphors, Centre of International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata
The Way We Are, Mon Art Gallerie, Kolkata
The 11th Hour, Tang Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China
Size Matters or Does It?, Latitude 28, New Delhi
2009 Indian Contemporary, Benedictine Museum, Fecamp, France
Beyond Globalization, Beyond Art Space, Beijing, China
Zip Files, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
Living of the Grid, Anant Art Centre, New Delhi
Retrieval Systems, Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre; Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi
Sacred and Secular, India Fine Art, Mumbai
Harvest 09: Part II, Arushi Arts, New Delhi
Progressive to Altermodern: 62 Years of Indian Modern Art, Grosvenor Gallery, London
Threshold: Forging Narratives in South Asian Contemporary Art, Aicon Gallery, New York
2008 Third Life, Bombay Art Gallery, Mumbai
Ghost of Souza, Aicon Gallery, New York
Everywhere is War, Bodhi Art, Mumbai
Modern and Contemporary Indian Art, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
Freedom: Sixty Years After Indian Independence, Centre for International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata
2007-08 Polyphonies, Gallery Hosp, Tirol, Austria
2007 Mechanisms of Motion, Anant Gallery, New Delhi
Young Guns, Institute of Contemporary Indian Art (ICIA), Mumbai
2006 Altered Realities, works by three eminent Indian artists- Baiju Parthan, Chittrovanu
Majumdhar and Sibu Nateshan, New York
Strangeness, Anant Art Gallery, Kolkata
2005 KAAM: Recent works by Mumbai and Baroda Artists, Aicon Gallery, New York
Arad Biennale, Romania
NRLA - Live Art Festival, Midland, Perth, Australia
Double-Enders, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; Museum Gallery, Mumbai; Vadhera Art Gallery, New Delhi
Bangalore; Durbar Hall, Kochi
2004 Along the X-axis: Video Art from India and Pakistan
Apeejay Media Gallery, New Delhi
Zoom! Art in Contemporary India, Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal
Indian Contemporary Art Show
2001 Seven Degrees, Laguna, California
2000 Icons of the Millenium , Nehru Centre, Mumbai organized by Lakeeren
Sotheby’s Artist of the Year Award show, NGMA, Mumbai
Art and Technology, the Magazine Show, NGMA, Mumbai
1999 Ninth Asian Biennale, Dhaka, Bangladesh
1997 Fifty Years of Indian Contemporary Art, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
1996 Four Visions, The Gallery, Hong Kong
1995 Duo Show, Sarina Tang Gallery, New York

Awards and Scholarships

2001 Artist in Residency, Gallery Seven Degrees, Laguna
2000 Nominee for Artist of the Year, Sotheby’s, London
1978-81 Recipient of the Lalit Kala Akademi Merit Prize


National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, and private collections in India and abroad.


Born 1970, in Karachi, Pakistan

The artist lives and works in Karachi, Pakistan.


1999 MA in International Relations, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
BFA in Sculpture with Distinction in Sculpture and over all distinction, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan (1999)

Select Solo Exhibitions

2011 Recent Works, Aicon Gallery, London
2010 After All It’s Always Somebody Else…, Aicon Gallery, New York
2008 Uncertainty- Rohtas 2, Lahore, Pakistan
Preview at Canvas Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2007 Confinement - Commune Artist Colony, Karachi, Pakistan

Select Group Exhibitions

2011 Asia Triennial Manchester 11, Manchester Cathedral, U.K.
2009 Failing States: Recent works by Tazeen Qayyum, Aicon Gallery, London
Hanging Fire: Contemporary Art From Pakistan, Asia Society, New York
The Emperor’s New Clothes: Dress, Politics and Identity in Contemporary Pakistani Art, Talwar Gallery, New York
Signs taken for Wonders: Recent art from India and Pakistan, Aicon Gallery, London
Contemporary art exhibit, featuring Pakistani artists Farida Batool, Adeela Suleman and Tazeen Qayyum at Aicon Gallery, New York
Group show Steel Life, La Triennale, Milano
2008 Farida Batool, Adeela Suleman and Tazeen Qayyum, Aicon Gallery, New York
Tradition,Technique,Technology –II; Contemporary artists from Pakistan
Featuring Farida Batool, Ayaz Jokhio and Adeela Suleman, Aicon Gallery, Palo Alto
Video Loop '08, Barcelona, Spain
Fiera Internazionale d'Arte Contemparanea International Exhibition of Contemporary Art-Bologna, Italy
Women of Light, Galerie Davide Gallo, Berlin
2007 Preview Berlin, The Emerging Art fair, Berlin
An Intensity of Space & Substance, National Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan
Love, National Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan
Articulating The Subtext, Alliance Francaise, Karachi, Pakistan
2006 Flights of Fancy, Royaat Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan
Body, Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
Calligraphy, Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2005 Urban/Culture, CP Open Biennale, Jakarta, Indonesia
Beyond Borders, National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai
2004 Spielen mit geladenem Gewehr (Playing with the loaded gun), Kunsthalle Fridericianum Kassel, Germany
2003 Twenty-four Shots per second, Kara Film Fest, Karachi, Pakistan
43rd Premio Suzzara, Associazione Galleria Del Premio Suzzara, Italy
Playing with the loaded Gun, Apex Art, New York
Canvas Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
2002 Imagined Workshop, 2nd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial, Fukuoka, Japan
2001 The Thakhti Show, Freer Hall, Karachi, Pakistan
2000 Art Festival: Urban Voices, Karachi, Pakistan


Born 1967 in Kerala, the artist lives and works in Kochi, Kerala, India.


1996 Master of Fine Arts in Painting, M. S. University, Baroda
1994 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Govt. College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram
1989 Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Calicut University, Kerala

Solo Exhibitions

2011 Ancestry, Aicon Gallery, New York
2009 Four Paintings, Bombay Art Gallery, Mumbai
2008 RE-VISIT, OED Basement, Kochi
Ore / Substances of Earth-I, Bodhi Space, Mumbai
2007 Memoir, Bodhi Art, New York
2006 Art Singapore 2006, Bodhi Art , Singapore
Enroute, Bombay Art Gallery, Mumbai
2004 Little Black Drawings, Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi

Group Exhibitions

2011 The Lost Sparrow, presented by Gallery Threshold at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Between Seasons, Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
At Walden Pond, Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
Space-Untitled, David Hall, Kochi
Art Chennai, Gallery OED, Kochi
Art Dubai, Aicon Gallery, London
India Art Summit, Delhi
2010 The Silk Road, Saatchi Gallery, Lille (Lille 3000), France
Earth, Gallery OED at Indigo and Labernum Galleries, Chennai
Earth, Gallery OED, Kochi
Alt+Refresh, Pigment Art, Delhi
Who has seen Gandhi, Tangerine Art Space, Bangalore
Creating CommonWealth, Gallery Ragini, Delhi
Nature Revisited, Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata
The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today, Saatchi Gallery, London
2009 Vicissitudes of the Constructed Images, Tangerine Art Space, Bangalore
Evidentia, Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore
RE-CLAIM / RE-CITE / RE-CYCLE, Latitude 28, New Delhi & Bose Pacia, Kolkata
Group Show, Threshold Art Gallery, New Delhi
Group Show, Gallery Kolkata, Kolkata
Group Show, Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
Group Show, Triva Contemporary, Thiruvananthapuram
Facets of A People, Gallery OED, Kochi
Metamorphosis – Change and Continuity in Indian Contemporary Art, Phyllis Weston Annie Bolling Gallery, Cincinnati, USA
The Hot Shots, The Viewing Room, Mumbai
2008 Works by Various Artists, Bodhi Art, New York
Video Wednesday, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
The Drawing Show, Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
Keep Drawing, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
Triva 2008, Triva Contemporary, Thiruvananthapuram
Art Beat, The Shrine Gallery, New Delhi
Hong Kong International Art Fair, Bombay Art Gallery
Art Chicago, Bodhi Art
Art Cologne, Italy, Bodhi Art
2007 Kashi – 10 Light Years, Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi
Representation, Triva Contemporary, Thiruvananthapuram
Gulf Art Fair, Dubai, Bodhi Art
2006 A Compensation for what has been lost, Travancore Art Gallery, New Delhi
Take Two - The Chennai Chapter' Group Show, Gallery Sumukha
Real,, New Delhi
Summer Rites, Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
Group show, Open Eyed Dreams, Durbar Hall Art Centre, Kochi
Four by Four, Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi
Group show, Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad
Group show, Visual Arts Gallery, Hong Kong, presented by Gallery Sumukha
2005 New Colours of Sumukha, Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore
Double Enders, at Jehangir Art Gallery & Museum Gallery, Mumbai, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore, and Durbar Hall Art Centre, Kochi
2003 Remembering Bhupen, Kashi Art Café, Fort Kochi
Regional Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi Regional Centre, Chennai
2002 Monsoon Show, Daira Centre for Art & Culture, Hyderabad
Tree Festival, Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi
An Album of Drawings, Draavidia, Fort Kochi
Cross Currents, Daira Centre for Art & Culture, Hyderabad
2001 Annual show, Kerala Lalithakala Akademi, Durbar Hall Art Centre, Kochi
2000 Chingamela, Kerala Kalapeetom, Kochi
1999 An Album of Drawings and Paintings, Draavidia Gallery, Kochi
1998 Substances on Black Moon, Galleria Mareechika, Kochi
Miniature Format Show, Gallery Sans Tache, Mumbai
1997 Gift for India, SAHMAT, Ravindra Bhavan, New Delhi

Related Experience

2010 Curator, Earth, Gallery OED, Kochi. Artists: Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, Sudhir Patwardhan, N N Rimzon, Rajan Krishnan and Sujith S N
2009 Curator, Let It Happen, OED, Kochi. Artists: N N Rimzon, Reghunadhan K, and Rajan Krishnan


Born 1934, in Bihar

Shyamal Dutta Ray's body of work constitutes a major turning point in the history of the Bengal School of Art. Ray is credited with adding depth and intensity to the medium of watercolors, at a time when the Bengal school of Art traditionally used light and watery colors. His melancholic and pensive works reflect the contradictions of life around him.
Regarded as a master watercolorist, Ray is also a founding member of the Society of Contemporary Artists, an artists' collective, which sought to introduce innovativeness into the art world of the 1960s. Most of Ray's work reflects the city life of Calcutta, with its happiness and sorrow, struggle and strife, poverty and hope. The works also exhibit a sense of irony, surrealism and awareness of a disintegrating society.
The Artist passed away on 19th May 2005.


1950-55 Diploma in Painting, CGAC

Select Posthumous Exhibitions

2010-11 Figure/Landscape: Part Two, Aicon Gallery, London
2010 Figure/Landscape: Part One, Aicon Gallery, New York
2009 Indian Art After Independence: Selected Works from the Collections of Virginia & Ravi Akhoury and Shelley & Donald Rubin, Emile Lowe Gallery, Hempstead
Wound, Aicon Gallery, London
75th Birth Anniversary Show, Akar Prakar, Kolkata
Tracing Time, Bodhi Art, Mumbai
2008 Post Independence Masters, Aicon Gallery, New York
Shyamal Dutta Ray Memorial Show, Akar Prakar, Kolkata
2006 Tribute, Aicon Gallery, New York

Select Exhibitions

1999 Watercolor Marks, Mumbai
Modern and Contemporary Works on Paper, Bonhams, London
1997 Exhibition, Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata
1995 Modern and Contemporary Indian Paintings, Sotheby's Auction, London
1993 Artists for Helpage, Asprey's Auction, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Wounds, Centre for International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata
1991 Art For Spastics, Kolkata
Espace & Chitrakoot, Kolkata
1990 Bengal Art Today, Galerie 88, Kolkata
1987 Indian Drawing Today, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai II Havana Biennale, Cuba
1985 VI International Triennale
1984 Kala Yatra and Sistas, Chennai
1983 Asian Art Biennale, Dacca
1982 Kala Yatra, Mumbai, Bangalore, London, Manchester, Paris
1981 Kala Yatra, Hyderabad Indian Painting Today, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
1976 Western Pacific Print Biennale, Australia
1971 Prints from India, Poland
1969 Traveling Exhibition, Asian Graphic Prints, USA
1958 Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata


Born 1942 in Jhhang (currently Pakistan), the artist currently lives and works in New Delhi.

Over the span of nearly half a century Raghu Rai has won many national and international awards and accolades including being nominated in 1971 by Henri Cartier Bresson to Magnum Photos. His solo exhibition has travelled worldwide and he has shown in London, Paris, New York, Hamburg, Prague, Tokyo, Zurich and Sydney. His photo essays have appeared in many of the world’s leading magazines and newspapers including "Time", "Life", "GEO", "The New York Times", "Sunday Times", "Newsweek", "The Independent," and the "New Yorker".

Select Solo Exhibitions

2011 Invocation to India, Aicon Gallery, London
Invocation to India, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, with Aicon Gallery, London
Raghu Rai: A Retrospective, Aicon Gallery, New York
2010 Raghu Rai: A Retrospective, Aicon Gallery, London
Maestros: Masters of Indian Classical Music, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
2008 Casa Asia, Bacelona, Spain
The Journey of a Moment in Time: Raghu Rai, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi and Mumbai, India
2007 Maestros: Masters of Indian Classical Music, Bodhi Art Singapore, China
Just by the Way, Tasveer, New Delhi, India
Just by the Way, Tasveer, Mumbai, India
Earthscapes, Bodhi Art Singapore, China
2006 Raghu Rai, Tasveer, Kolkata, India
Just by the Way, Tasveer, Bangalor, India
Earthscapes, Bodhi Art Mumbai, India
2002 Raghu Rai’s India: A Retrospective, Photofusion, London, UK
Raghu Rai, Sala EFTI, Escuela de Fotografia, Centro de Imagen, Madrid, Spain
India: A Retrospective, Bunkamura Museum of Art, Japan
2001 Raghu Rai’s INDIA, Bunkamura, Tokyo, Japan
1999 La India, Centro de le Imagen, Mexico City, Mexico
1997 Retrospective, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, India
1995 Mu Land and Its People, India

Select Group Exhibitions

2010 Freedom, Gallerie Nyva, New Delhi
2008 The Photograph: Painted, Posted and of the Moment, National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, and New Dehli, India
Magnum – 60 Years of Photography, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Click ! Contemporary Photography of India, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
2007 Lens, Bodhi Art Singapore, Singapore, China
India – Public Spaces, Private Spaces, The Newark Museum, Newark, USA
Namesake / Inspiration, Sepia International, New York, USA
Indianscope: L’Inde Intemporelle dans l’Inde d’Aujourd’hui, Maison de la Photographie, France
2005 India, Musei Capitolini Centrale Montemartini, Rome, Italy
2005 Bhopal 1984 – 2004, Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2004 Exposure, Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh; with Leica Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
Glorious Harvest – Photographs from the Michael E. Hoffman Tribute Collection, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA
Naufraghi di Terra, Foundazione Italiana per la Fotografia, Torino, Italy
2003 Exposure: Portrait of a Corporate Crime, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Bhopal, Sala Consiliare, Venice, Italy; Photographic Gallery, Helsinki, Finland – New Perspectives from India, Haus der Kulturen de Welt, Berlin, Germany
2002 Volkart Foundation, Winterthur, Switzerland


Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France

Honors and Awards

1992 Photograph of the Year, USA
Critical acclaim for his National Geographic cover story, Human Management of Wildlife in India
1977 Nominated by Henri Cartier-Bresson to join Magnum Photos
1971 Padmashree Award, India


2005 Mother Theresa: A Life of Dedication, Harry N. Abrams, USA
Romance of India, Timeless Books, India
2004 Indira Gandhi: A Living Legacy, Timeless Books, India
Exposure: Portrait Of A Corporate Crime, Greenpeace, Netherlands
2003/04 Saint Mother: A Life Dedicated, Timeless Books, India;
(Mère Teresa), La Martinière, France
2002 Bhopal Gas Tragedy (with Suroopa Mukherjee), Tulika Publishers, India
2001 Raghu Rai's India - A Retrospective, Asahi Shimbun, Japan
2000 Lakshadweep, UT of Lakshadweep, India
Raghu Rai... in his Own Words, Roli Books, India
1998 Man, Metal and Steel, Steel Authority of India, Ltd., India
1997 My Land and Its People, Vadehra Gallery, India
1996 Faith and Compassion: The Life and Work or Mother Teresa, Element Books, USA
1996-01 Dreams of India, Times Editions, Singapore/Greenwich, UK
1994 Raghu Rai's Delhi, Indus/Harper Collins, India
1991 Khajuraho, Time Books International, India
1990-91 Tibet in Esilio, Mondadori, Italy; (Tibet in Exile), Chronicle Books, USA
1990 Delhi and Agra (with Lai Kwok Kin and Nitin Rai), Hunter Publications, Inc., USA
1989 Calcutta, Time Books International, India
1988 Dreams of India, Time Books International, Singapore; (L'Inde), Arthaud, France
1986/87 Taj Mahal, Times Editions, Singapore; Robert Laffont, France; Rizzoli Publications, USA
1985 Indira Gandhi (with Pupul Jayakar), Lustre Press, India
1984 The Sikhs, Lustre Press, India
1983 Delhi: A Portrait, Delhi Tourist Development Corporation/Oxford University Press,
1974 A Day in the life of Indira Gandhi, Nachiketa Publications, India


Born 1976 in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan.


2003 B.F.A., Miniature Painting, National College of Arts Lahore
1997 Diploma Course, Fashion Design, Pakistan School Of Fashion Design Lahore
1996 B.A., English Literature and Law, Jinnah College for Women, Peshawar

Select Exhibitions

2009 Purdah 2.0 : Body Matters, Halvai Gallery, New York
Bazgasht , Art Gallery of Mississuaga, Canada
Love’s Microcosm, Aicon Gallery, Palo Alto
Travelogue, Vogue Art Gallery, Lahore
2008 Isn’t SheLovely, Gandhara Art Karachi
Tradition, Technique, Technology, Aicon Gallery, New York
2007 Configurations, Anant Gallery, New Delhi
2006 Canvas Gallery, Karachi
2005 Croweaters Gallery, Lahore
Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi
Segregation, Anant Gallery, New Delhi
Love/Hate, Third Line Gallery, Dubai
Art-En-Chartreuse, France
Voice, World Bank Office, Islamabad
V.M. Art Gallery, Karachi
Re Inventing Narratives, Moroccan Embassy of Pakistan, Morocco
Diverse Voices, Omani Society for Fine Arts, Muscat
Contemporary Miniatures Paintings from Pakistan, Fakuka Asian Art Museum, Japan
2004 Interpretations, Rohtas Gallery, Islamabad
Extensions, Canvas Gallery, Karachi
2003 New Voices, Canvas Gallery, Karachi
Thesis Display at NCA; Lahore


Painting on permanent display at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan


2006 The Vermont Studio Center, USA
2005 Vasal, Karachi


Born in Mumbai, the artist lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Vidya Kamat’s practice is an on-going inquiry into the ways the human body (and the attendant complexities of self-hood) is ‘written’ by symbolism. Significance is derived from the layers of meaning that can veil the human body. The artist suggests that perhaps there can be no understanding outside these layers; no ‘pure’, unmediated relationship to the body.

Alongside this insight, the centrality of not only the female body but the artist’s body, the use of appropriated imagery and the correlation of image and text links Kamat to artists who have been variously informed by and informed feminist theory. At issue is the cultural construction of the female body and notions of femininity. Cindy Sherman and Barbara Kruger are two references. However, Kamat can be distinguished from these precedents in terms a sensual engagement with the female body. Moreover, she doesn’t resist a sense of authentic drama in favor of concerns with the simulacral. In this respect, and in line with the photographs of her contemporary Pushpamala N, we should note that masquerade and performance form part of an Indian rite of passage in terms of ritual and religious heritage.

Kamat offers a contemporary and culturally nuanced advance on her feminist precedents. The artist tells us that while the body may be shrouded in myths, there are pleasures as well as critical insights to be understood.


1999 PhD, University of Mumbai
1995 Diploma in Sanskrit, University of Mumbai
1992 Post Graduate Diploma in Comparative Mythology, University of Mumbai
1983 BFA, University of Bombay

Select Solo Exhibitions

2007 Birth Mark, Sumukha, Bangalore
Tales from the Edge, Guild Gallery, New York
2005 Rewrite, Guild Gallery, Bombay
2004 Tolerating Intolerance, Asiatic Society, Bombay
2003 The Catalogue, Guild Gallery, Mumbai

Select Group Exhibitions

2008 The Ethics of Encounter, Gallery Soulflower, Bangkok
Obscure Objects of Desire, Gallery OED, Cochin
2007 Harvest, Arushi Arts, New Delhi
Indian Contemporary Artists, Sumukha, Chennai, 2005 Change of Address, Guild Gallery, Mumbai
Aparanta Contemporary Art in Goa
New Colours of Sumukha, Bangalore
2002 Tribute to Picasso, Guild Gallery, Mumbai
2000 Anonymously Yours, Lakeeren Art Gallery, Mumbai
1999 Secret Life of an Object, Lakeeren Art Gallery for the Kala Ghoda Art Festival.
1998 Jamboree, Lakeeren Art Gallery, Mumbai

Awards and Honors

2002 National Cultural Fellowship award, Majlis-India/HIVOS, Netherlands
1983 – 1984 Fellowship, Goa College of Art, Goa
1983 Best Student Award, Annual Art Exhibition

Select Publications

2005 Issues of Spectatorship and the Gaze in Indian Miniature Paintings, Facets of Femininity, University of Mumbai publication
2004 The God of Small Things, Life Positive
2002 A Scientific Patronage of Art: Bhabha’s Art Collection, co-authored with Gita Chadha, Humanscape
The Breasted Image in Myth, Journal of Asiatic Society of Mumbai, Volume 76
2001 Arrival of the New Media, Gentleman
A View from Afar, Gentleman
Tell–tale Signs, The Hindu, Folio
Review: Towards Understanding Hindu Myths, Journal of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, Volume 75
Participation- An Inquiry into Folk Traditions in Indian Art, University of Mumbai
1999 Under the Watchful Eye of the Providence, The Times of India, Mumbai
Gazing Upon the Face of Glory, The Times of India
1998 The Axe-Wielding Sage, The Times of India, Mumbai
In Praise of the Waters of Life, The Times of India, Mumbai
Animals and Birds in Greek Mythology, seminar paper, Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai
1997 Micro-Macro Cosmic Relationship in Art, seminar paper, Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai
1996 Lord of Beginnings, Remover of Obstacles, The Times of India, Mumbai
Hanuman Embodies the Supreme Bhakti, The Times of India, Mumbai
1991 Abhikalpa: Designing With the Next Century in Mind, The Sunday Observer, Mumbai


Born in 1968, the artist lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan.


1997 Masters of Arts in Site Specific Sculpture, Wimbledon College of Art, London, UK
1990 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan

Select Solo Exhibitions

2010 Intentions/Interventions, Canvas Gallery, Karachi
2009 Beauty of the Burden, Rohtas II Gallery, Lahore
2008 Beyond Body, Canvas Gallery, Karachi

Select Group Exhibitions

2010 The Rising Tide: New Directions in Art from Pakistan 1990 – 2010, Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi
2007 Moving Ahead, National Art Gallery, Islamabad
2005 Beyond Borders: Art of Pakistan, National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai
1996 Cannizaro Park Exhibition, London
Sculpture Exhibition, Library Gallery, London
Site Specific Work, Skoki, Poland

Related Experience

1991 – Present Teacher at National College of Arts, Lahore


Born 1924, in Simla, Himanchal Pradesh, India.

Ram Kumar, like many of the first generation of post-colonial Indian artists – including such figures as F. N. Souza, M. F. Husain, S. H. Raza and Akbar Padamsee – combined an internationalist desire with the need to represent and belong to their homeland. In its internationalist mood, this generation looked to the early 20th-century modernisms of Paris, London and Vienna for inspiration; its need to belong prompted an interest in the construction of a viable “Indian” aesthetic that bore a dynamic relationship to an Indian identity. With Ram Kumar, this quest for an indigenous tenor has not meant a superficial inventory of ‘native’ motifs offered as evidence of a static and essentialist Indian identity. Instead, Kumar demonstrated that a painter can enact the innermost dramas of his culture while maintaining the individualistic idiosyncrasy of his performance.

Ram Kumar lives and works in New Delhi.


1949 – 1952 Atelier Fernand Leger and Andre Lhote, Paris
1946 M.A. in Economics from St. Stephen's College, New Delhi
1945 Evening Classes at the Sharada Ukil School, New Delhi

Select Solo Exhibitions

2011 Ram Kumar – A Retrospective, Aicon Gallery, London
Chawla Art Gallery, New Delhi
2010 – 2011 Selected Works: 1949-2010, presented by Vadehra Art Gallery at Rabindra Bhavan, Lalit
Kala Akademi; Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2010 Ram Kumar – A Retrospective, Aicon Gallery, New York
2009 Selected Works, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2008 Homage to Kekoo Gandhy, Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai
Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2007 Reflective Landscapes, Aicon Gallery, New York
You shall remain hidden, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
Materia Prima, Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi
2006 Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2005 Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2003 Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2002 Recent Works, IndoCenter, Chelsea, presented by Saffronart and Pundole Art Gallery; Mumbai; New Delhi; San Francisco; New York
2001 Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2000 Landscapes from New Zealand, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
1999 Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
1997 Arks Gallery, London
1997 Amadavada Ni Gufa, Ahemdabad
1996 Pages From a Sketch Book, Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
Ram Kumar – A Journey Within, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
1994 Jehangir Art Gallery, organized by Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
1993 Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
1992 Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
1991 Chitrakoot Gallery, Kolkata
1990 Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
Center for Contemporary Art, New Delhi

Select Group Exhibitions

2011 Modern Masters, Aicon Gallery, New York
POP: Progressives on Paper, Aicon Gallery, New York
Anecdotes, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai
Masterclass, Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi
2010 Paper Trails, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
The Progressive & Associates, Grosvenor Gallery, London
From Miniature to Modern: Traditions in Transition, Rob Dean Art, London in Association with Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
Master Class, The Arts Trust, Mumbai
Etchings, Lithographs, and Serigraphs, Grosvenor Gallery, London
2009 Moderns and More, Aicon Gallery, New York
Indian Art After Independence: Selected Works from the Collections of Virginia & Ravi Akhoury and Shelley & Donald Rubin, Emily Lowe Gallery, Hempstead
Progressive to Altermodern: 62 Years of Indian Modern Art, Grosvenor Gallery, London
Tracing Time, Bodhi Art, Mumbai
2008 Contemporary and Modern Indian Art, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
Post Independence Masters, Aicon Gallery, New York
Freedom 2008 – Sixty Years of Indian Independence, Centre for International Modern Art (CIMA), Kolkata
Towards friendship… Ram Kumar marks 50 years of knowing Kekoo Gandhy, Chemould Art Gallery, Mumbai
2007 Winter Moderns, Aicon Gallery, New York
2006 Shadow Lines, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
Moderns Revisited, Grosvenor Gallery, London
2005 Resonance, Art Musings Gallery, Mumbai
2004 Concept and Form, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2001 Ashta Nayak, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
Modern Indian Art, organized by Saffronart and Pundole Art Gallery, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York
2000 Akbar Pademese - Exhibition of Paintings by M F Husain, Ram Kumar, Krishen Khanna, Tyeb Mehta, S H Raza and Akbar Padamese, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
1997 Image-Beyond Image, a Traveling Exhibition of Works from the Blenbarra Art Museum, Japan, at New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai
1996 The Moderns, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai
1995 Gallery Raku, Japan
1988 Three Indian Artists, Karachi, Pakistan
1987 – 1988 Festival of India shows in the then USSR and Japan
1987 Coups de Coeur, Geneva, Switzerland
1985 Artistes Indiens en France, Foundation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques, Paris
1973 Indian Contemporary Painting, a traveling exhibition in the U.S. and Canada
1967 Joint exhibition with M.F. Husain in Delhi and Prague, Czechoslovakia
1957 Graham Gallery, New York
Gallery One, London

Awards and Fellowships

2010 Padma Bhushan, Government of India
2003 Officers Arts et Letters, French Government
1986 Kalidas Samman by the Madya Pradesh State Government
1972 Uttar Pradesh State Government for short stories in Hindi
1972 Padmashree from Indian Government for short stories
1970 JD Rockefeller fund fellowship
1959 Honorable Mention, Sao Paolo Biennale
1958 National Award, New Delhi
1956 National Award, New Delhi



2007 MFA with Honors, Rhode Island School of Design, RI. Areas of interest: Glass, Digital media
2002 BFA cum laude, School of Art and Design, New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University, NY Concentrations: Glass Sculpture, Expanded media
2001 Advanced Glass Blowing with Kait Rhoads, Alfred University, NY
1998 Accessories Design diploma, National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011 Living Cultures in Glass, Research Gallery, University of Sydney, Australia
Depths of Field, Sharan Apparao Galleries, Chennai, Bangalore, India
Of Shifting Natures, Sharan Apparao Galleries, New Delhi, India
2010 Particulate Behaviors, 707 Penn Ave, Wood Street Galleries + Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, PA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 Superposition, Location TBA, Seattle, WA
Women in Art, The National Museum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Art Dubai and India Art Summit, Aicon Gallery, NY
Reprise, Aicon Gallery, NY
2010 Glass Dress @ Fashion Week’s NightOut, Heller Gallery, New York, NY
Malleable Memory, Aicon Gallery, NY
Fete de Verre, UrbanGlass, New York, NY
2009 {untitled: indeterminacy}, Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH
Guest Act, Cirque de Verre, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH
Capturing Motion and Contemporary India, The Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, MI
Impact 2009, Gallery of Fine Craft at WheatonArts, Millville NJ
The Mini-Shiny Show, Clayspace Gallery, Columbus OH
2008 Fall Juried Show, Ohio Art League, Columbus OH
Questioning Functionality 2, Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, OR
Erasing Borders, Queens Museum of Art, Hammond Museum, The Guild Gallery, Manhattanville College Art Gallery, Tabla Rasa Gallery, NY
03 Pilchuck Glass School Silent Auction, Seattle, WA
Urbanglass Auction and Glassblowers Ball, New York, NY
2007 The Anti-Thesis Show, Wolcott Street, Providence RI
RISD Annual Graduate Thesis Exhibition, RI Convention Center, Providence, RI
Rain or Shine, Sol Koffler Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI
How is this Glass?, Hillel Gallery, Brown University, Providence RI
2006 Graduate Glass Bienniel, Sol Koffler Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI
RISD Trienniel, Woods Gerry Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design. Providence RI
Sambandh - Indo-Swedish Glass, Norkopping, Sweden & New Delhi, India
2005 International Handicrafts Fair, New Delhi, India
Surajkund Crafts mela, Haryana, India
2004 Art for Vision, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India
2003 Tisch Galleries, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City NY
History of the World Gallery, Washington
2002 BFA exhibition, Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred University, Alfred NY
2001 I love a good piece of Glass, Whitehouse books, Corning NY
1998 Showcase’98 - Design for Business, Hotel Ashok, New Delhi, India
1997 International Leather Trade Fair, CLRI, Madras, India


2011 Visiting Fellowship, Sydney College of Art, Agriculture Department, Australian Centre of Microscopy and Microanalysis, University of Sydney, Australia
2009 Fellow, Creative Glass Center of America, Millville, NJ
Lectures and Demonstrations
Artist Talk, Sharan Apparao Gallery, Chennai, India
2007- 10 Visiting Scholar, Glass, College of Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
2009 Studio Talk, Asian Contemporary Art Week, Asian Contemporary Art Consortium, NY
2008 Masterclass demonstration, International Festival of Glass, Ruskin Glass Center, Stourbridge, UK
Residency, Belluard Bollwerk International, Fribourg, Switzerland
2007 Visiting Critic, Sculpting Culture, Rhode Island School of Design, Wintersession
2005 Glass Art in India- Lost and Living traditions, Glass Art Society conference, Adelaide, Australia

Curatorial projects and Publications

Current Co-curator, A Post-Glass Video Festival {travelling: NY, Seattle, Sydney}
2011 Strange Attr-/Inter-Actions, Superposition {exhibition catalog}, Pub. Hyperopia Projects, USA
2010 42 handshakes in 2 days, New Glass Review 31, Pub. Corning Museum of Glass, NY
2009 Co-curator, How is this glass? Of Post-glass artists/Glass Guerillas, Corning NY (catalog)
Selected works from the Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Award 2009, Neues Glas #3, Germany
Particulate Devil, New Glass Review 30, Pub. Corning Museum of Glass, NY
2007 Particle Activism, MFA Thesis, Pub. Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI
2005 Glass Art in India- Lost and Living traditions, Ed. Susanne Frantz, Pub. Glass Art Society Journal
2004 Glass Art in India- Lost and Living traditions, Digital documentary feature, New Delhi, India

Awards and Grants

2011 International Project Grant, American Association for University Women Education Foundation
2008-09 Creative Capital / Andy Warhol Foundation Grant for Arts Writers
2007 Grant: The Ruth Chenven Foundation
Tarakhnath Das Foundation Scholarship
2005-07 Graduate Fellowship, Friends of Glass and Chirrona Scholarship, Rhode Island School of Design
2005-06 International Fellow award, American Association for University Women Education Foundation
2005 Grant: Technical Development, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India
Grant:Integrated Design Project,Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Government of India
2004 Grant: Technical Development, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India
2002 Award for Excellence, Student Exhibition, Glass Art Society Conference, Amsterdam
2007, 02 Glass Art Society Conference Scholarship, Pittsburgh ’07, Amsterdam ’02
2001 International Internship Award, Alfred University


Born 1973, Perth, Australia.

Damon Kowarsky studied printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts and Glasgow School of Art, and Advanced Figure Drawing with Godwin Bradbeer at RMIT. He graduated in 2000 from VCA with a BFA [Honours] in Printmaking. Since graduating, he has exhibited regularly in Australia and internationally and worked as an archaeological, courtroom, and scientific illustrator. In 2002, he assisted on an archaeological dig at Dakhleh Oasis in the western deserts of Egypt and undertook a residency at Townhouse Gallery in Cairo. On returning to Australia, he received a 2004 Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Emerging Victorian Printmakers Scholarship. Kowarsky has travelled extensively in North Africa, West Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. The unique and very distinctive architecture of these regions and the colours of sky and earth inspire much of his work. In 2007, he undertook residencies at RMIT through its Project Space/ Visual Arts Printmaking Summer Residency program and Megalo Access Arts Canberra. In 2008, Kowarsky returned to Australia after six months in Pakistan, teaching drawing to first year students at Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, and studying miniature painting under Murad Mumtaz and Mahreen Zuberi.

Lives and works in Melbourne.


2000 Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), Victorian College of the Arts

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011 In Visible Cities, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo
Civitas, Daley Gallery, Trinity Grammar School Kew
2010 WORLDview, Joshua McClelland Print Room
Perdesi, Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore.
2009 Desi, Joshua McClelland Print Room
Polis, Solander Gallery, Wellington.
2008 Sur, Dickerson Gallery Melbourne
Under a Jaguar Sun, Impressions on Paper Gallery, Canberra
2007 Home and Away, Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore
From the Empty Quarter, Joshua McClelland Print Room
Travels, Dickerson Gallery
2006 Etchings, Intrude Contemporary Art
2005 New Works, Joshua McClelland Print Room
Stranger in a Strange Land, Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery

Select Group Exhibitions

2011 Collaborate, Port Jackson Press Melbourne
2010 Pressing Matters, Jenny Port Gallery
Invisible Cities, Aicon Gallery, NY
2009 Naked!, Dante's Upstairs
Small Works, 775 Art + Craft
Printers who Paint, Painters who Print, Port Jackson Press
Geelong Print Award, Geelong Gallery
On Paper, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne
International Contemporary Art Sale, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
Beasties, Charles Sturt University Art Gallery
Compact Prints Touring Exhibition, KickArts Gallery, Cairns
New Figuration, James Makin Gallery
40x40x40, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne
2nd Bangkok International Print Triennale, Silpakorn University, Thailand
Burnie Print Prize, Burnie Regional Art Gallery, Tasmania
2008 Deck the Walls, Solander Gallery
Group Therapy, Immersion Therapy
Compact Prints, Umbrella Studio, Townsville, QLD
New Prints, International Print Center, New York
Mask, Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery
Pressing Matters, JennyPort Gallery
Printing Figuratively, Port Jackson Press
100 Works on Paper, Kentler Gallery, New York
Six Ply, Megalo Print Studios, Canberra
Fresh Cream, Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore
Contemporary Mini Prints, Roennebaeksholm Arts Center, Denmark
Compact Prints Touring Exhibition, Castlemaine Phee Broadway Theatre
2007 The Body, RMIT Project Space/ Spare Room
Australian Prints, Joshua McClelland Print Room
International Contemporary Art Sale, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
5 Printmakers, PaperGraphica, Christchurch, New Zealand
50, Geelong Art Gallery
Gifted, Charles Darwin University
Printmaking, JennyPort Gallery
By the Light of the Moon, Impressions on Paper Gallery
Inky & Scratchy, Solander Gallery
2006 International Print Exhibition, Tohane-i Amire Gallery, İstanbul
Arrivals, Solander Gallery
Compact Prints, Umbrella Studio
Expo Art, Interactive School, Mexico City
Beasties, Port Jackson Press
Postcards from Tomorrow, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery
The Young and the Collectable, Port Jackson Press
2005 Transit, Australian Print Workshop
Group Show, Axes Art Space
books.05, Noosa Regional Gallery
He – Who Inspires, Walker Street Gallery
Chiaroscuro, Chiara Goya Gallery
New Works, Australian Print Workshop
Linden Postcard Show, Linden Art Gallery
2004 A4Art, West Space
Impressions 2004, Australian Print Workshop
2003 Linden Postcard Show, Linden Art Gallery
2002 Grafinnova 2002, Ostrobothnian Museum, Vaasa, Finland
Compact Prints, Umbrella Studio
Emerging Artist Program, Mira Fine Art
2000 Canson Art Prize, Monash University Gallery
Scale 21, George Paton Gallery
1999 The Tool Show, 69 Smith St Gallery
Six and Nine, 69 Smith St Gallery
1998 Bestiary, Newbery Gallery, Glasgow
Smallgoods, Fitzroy Gallery
1997 Proof, Old Treasury Building


2008 Toyota Community Spirit Artist Travel Award
2007 Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant
2006 RMIT Project Space/ Visual Arts Printmaking Summer Residency
2005 'He – Who Inspires' Intrude Contemporary Art Award
2004 Australian Print Workshop Collie Print Trust Emerging Victorian Printmakers Scholarship
NAVA Visual and Craft Artists' Grant
2002 Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant