Born 1980 in Mirpurkhas, the artist lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan.

2008 External advisor, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan
2005 – 2008 Miniature Teacher at Hunerkada (thesis year), Lahore, Pakistan
Drawing Teacher for Masters Program in Multi Media, National College of Arts, Lahore
2000 – 2003 B.F.A. Miniature Painting from National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan

Select Solo Exhibitions
2009 Abrasive Drawings, Rohtas II Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan
Dying Miniature, Green Cardamom, London
2008 Ishtehaar Lagaana Mana Hai, Kiosk of Contemporary Art, Wiemar, Germany
What Lies Beneath, Jahangir Nicholsen Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
Profane Illuminations, Aicon Gallery, New York
Lives and Works in Lahore, Pakistan
Preview of Profane Illuminations, Rohtas II Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan
2007 Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakastan
Sublime Maladies, Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
2006 Beyond Appearances, Canvas Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan

Select Group Exhibitions
2010 Beyond the Page: The Miniature as Attitude in Contemporary Art from Pakistan, Pacific
Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA
Resemble Reassemble, Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon, India
The Havelian Express, curated by Whitney Ferrare, CAIS Gallery, Hong Kong
2009 Pathways and Practices, Aicon Gallery, New York
Bazgasht: Traditional Methods and Modern Practices, curated by Ali Adil Khan, Asma
Arshad Mahmood and Robert Freeman, Art Gallery of Mississagua, Canada
Kein Ding, ACC Galerie Weimar, Germany
Safavids Revisited, British Museum, London
Lines of Control, Green Cardamom, London
Lines of Control, The Third Line, Dubai
2008 Unstern, Sinistre. Disastro, curated by Frank Motz, ACC Galerie Weimar, Germany
Ghost of Souza, Aicon Gallery, New York
Drawn from Life: Drawing Process, Green Cardamom, London
2007 Does Size Matter II?, curated by Bhavna Kakar, Jehangir Nicholson Gallery, Mumbai
Dialogue with Tradition, curated by Imran Qureshi, National Art Gallery, Islamabad
Contemporary Arts from Pakistan, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York
From Pakistan to Montmartre, curated by Mannan Ibrahim, Gallerie Chappe, Paris
Configurations, Anant Art Gallery, Kolkata, India
2006 Lila/Play: Contemporary Miniatures and New Art from South Asia, curated by Haema
Sivanesan, Melbourne, Australia
2005 Contemporary Chronicles, curated by Humaira Abid, Art Alive, Delhi, India
Miniatures Contemporaines du Pakistan Villefranche de Rouergue, curated by Virginia Whiles, Paris
Segregation, curated by Imran Qureshi, Anant Art Gallery, Delhi, India
Love/Hate, curated by Nada Raza, The Third Line Gallery, Dubai
Re-Inventing Narratives, curated by Salima Hashmi, Galerie Mohamed el Fassi, Rabat, Morocco
2004 Contemporary Miniature Paintings from Pakistan , curated by Virginia Whiles, Fukuoka
Asian Art Museum, Japan
Class of 2003, curated by Imran Qureshi, Canvas Gallery, Karachi
Terror Can Not Be Exterminated by War, curated by Kazuko Tajima, Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo
Interpretation, curated by Imran Qureshi, Rohtas II Gallery, Lahore
Creases, curated by Imran Qureshi, Rohtas I, Islamabad
2003 Top of the Pops, National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan

Awards and Scholarships
2007 Charles Wallace Scholarship
2003 Bhatti Fashion Show Scholarship
2002 Grant Scholarship
2001 – 2003 Merit Scholarship Holder

Asal collection, London
Permanent Display, Fukouka Asian Art Museum
Permanent Display, Foreign Office of Islamabad
Austrian Consulate, Lahore