Eastern Edge

February 9 - April 9, 2007
New York


Born 1970, Kolkata, India

Master of Visual Arts (MVA), Dpt. of Sculpture, Faculty of Visual Arts,
Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta, 2000
Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA), Dpt of Sculpture, Faculty of Visual Arts,
Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta, 1998
Bachelor of Art, Sociology Honours, University of Calcutta, 1994
Adip Dutta is currently a member of Faculty of Visual Arts at Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta

Lives and works in Kolkata, India

Select Solo Exhibitions

2007 MAN | NAM, Aicon Gallery, London, UK
2006 The Mould Confronting a Snake - The Theatre of the Absurd (an exhibition of sculptures,
sculptural objects, drawings and period photographs), Project 88, Mumbai, India
2003 Installation in Sculpture, Art Heritage, New Delhi, India
2001 Sculptural Arrangements, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Calcutta

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 New Wave: Contemporary Indian Art, Aicon Gallery, London
Eastern Edge, Aicon Gallery, New York, USA
2006 Other Directions, Birla Aademy of Art and Culture, Calcutta
2005 New Wave in Bengal Art, Akar Prakar, Calcutta
2003 Migration City, Home, Rashtriya Lalit Kala Kendra, Calcutta and Birla Academy of Art and
Culture, Calcutta

Awards, Participations

2006 Kolkata, Kolkata, India (workshop)
Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair
2002 Recipient of the Charles Wallace Scholarship, UK
2001 Paul Foundation, India
J.N. Tata Endowment, India
Designer, Dhokra casting, Craft Council of West Bengal
2000, 1998 Rabindra Bharati Annual Exhibition Award for Sculpture
1998, 1997 Surveryor, Craft Council of West Bengal


Born 1975

Bachelor of Visual Arts from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata (1998)
Master of Visual Arts from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata (2000)

The artist lives and works in Kolkata, India.

Select Solo Shows

2007 Gandhara Gallery, Kolkata
2002 Sculpture solo, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata

Select Group Shows

2008 Who Knew? Mr. Gandhi, Aicon Gallery, London
The Road to Contemporary Art, art fair, Rome
2007 Eastern Edge, Aicon Gallery, New York
2005 New Wave in Bengal Art, Gallery Akar Prokar
2004 Tale of Two Cities, Birla Academy, Kolkata and Mumbai
Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
2003 Migration, City, Home, Lalit Kala Academy, Kolkata
2001 Japan Triennial
Award Winners Exhibition, HK Kejriwal Foundation, Bangalore
2000 West Bengal State Academy Annual Exhibition
A.I.F.S Annual exhibition
1999-2000 Birla Academy of Art and Culture annual exhibition, Kolkata
1994-2000 Rabindra Bharati University annual exhibition, Kolkata

Awards and Scholarships

2004 Nirman Award
2002-2003 Lalit Kala Academy Scholarship.
2002-2004 Junior Fellowship from Ministry of Tourism and Culture
Government of India
2001 HK Kejriwal Foundation Young Artist Award
2000 Best Sculpture Award from West Bengal State Academy
Best Sculpture Award from Rabindra Bharati University
1999 Best Sculpture Award from Rabindra Bharati University
1996 Certificate of Merit from Inter University Competition


Aditya Basak is yet another Calcutta artist to be well known outside his region. While Basak's painting is definitely footed in the surreal school, he deals with human images with a bold palette. He has received wide exposure both in India and abroad, and his work has been or is on display in Calcutta, Delhi, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Toronto, Germany and Japan. He began his illustrious career with a National Award in 1989.

Aditya Basak was born in 1953, and graduated from the Government College of Arts & Crafts in 1977. He has participated in more than 66 exhibitions around the country. He won the National Award of the Lalit Kala Academy in 1977, and Calcutta State Government Award in 1989. A member of the Society of Contemporary Artists since 1984, his works are on display at the Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi, the National Art Gallery, Delhi, and the Birla Academy Museum. They are also part of many famous private collections around the world


Born 1975

M.F.A. in Painting, Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan (2005)
B.F.A. in Painting Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan (2003)
Two Year certificate course in Design, Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati (1997)

The artist lives and works in West Bengal.

Select Solo Exhibitions

2007 You shall remain hidden, Gallery Espace, New Delhi
Materia Prima, Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi

Select Group Exhibitions

2007 Eastern Edge, curated by Jayashree Chakravarty, Aicon Gallery, New York
Creativity, Jagriti Art Initative, Kolkata
Gallery Kolkata, Kolkata
2006 Framed Spaces, bound less limits, Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata
Beyond Boundaries, Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore
2005 Chitra kala Parisod, Bangalore
Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
2004 Kolkata Art Foundation, Kolkata
Srijani, Rabindra Sadan, Suri
2003 Kolkata Art Foundation, Minto Park
Exhibition organized by 'Hill Lovers Society' at Town Hall, Naini Taal
Camlin Art Foundation, Kolkata
1998 –2005 Kala Bhavana, Nandan Gallery, Visva Bharati Santiniketan


2004 Annual Award for excellence in painting of 'Kolkata Art Foundation
Award of Nirman, B. D. Bangur Empowerment, Kolkata


Born 1961, in Howrah, West Bengal

Bachelor of Visual Arts in Printmaking, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata (1987)
Master of Visual Arts in Printmaking, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata (1989)

Coming from the Bengal school where artists interrogate and reintegrate local styles into their work consistently and directly, it is still unique to see Debnath's work include a piece emphasizing a letter from the Bengali scripts as part of bringing out this local style. His recent work is has been a mix collages using ink on paper, all in grey tonalities. Viewers will find a human form that slowly emerges from these scribbles and marks. His fundamental idea that the more that is hidden and suppressed, the more his art must reveal and dismantle can be clearly understood in his grey, dark and dense works. The bedlam of his art gets a meaningful value when he writes these scripts/ texts entirely by hand without employing any mechanical means on the paper surfaces, often indecipherable because of its intentionally poor visibility yet clear and legible when pored over carefully. Debnath still draws inspiration about ideas and imageries of dominance, repression and victimization, from a personal encounter he had with the judicial system a decade back. He uses graphite dust procured from local iron foundries, all retextualising his model for artistic process.

Lives and works in Howrah, West Bengal. India.

Select Solo Exhibitions

2007 Scribbles from the Underground and Satire from Above, Aicon Gallery, Palo Alto
1995 Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai

Select Group Exhibitions

2008 Ghost of Souza, Aicon Gallery, New York
2007 Confronting Globalisation, curated by Mrinal Ghosh, Mon Art Gallery, Kolkata
2006 Art of Young Bengal, curated by PranabRanjan Ray, Gallery Akriti, Kolkata
Eastern Edge, curated by Jayashree Chakrabarty, Aicon Gallery, New York
Shadow Lines, Vadehra Art Gallery, Kolkata
2005 New Wave in Bengal Art, curated by PranabRanjan Ray, Gallery Akar Prakar, Kolkata
Bridges Exploring New Paradigms, Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi
Are We Like this Only, curated by Vidya Shivadas, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
2003 Gallerie 88, Kolkata
2002 Kapital and Karma, Recent position in Indian Art, Kunsthalle Wein, Austria
2001 Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
2000 Graphic Expressions, organized by Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai exhibited in Mumbai,
Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata

1993-95 Fine arts fellowship from Vikram Sarabhai Foundation
1992-94 Junior Fellowship, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India
1989-90 Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad


Born 1970, Kolkata, India

Visiting Research Fellow (Fulbright Scholar), School of Art & Design, University of Michigan, U.S.A, 2003-04

Post Graduate in Painting, Kala Bhavan Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, India, 2000-02
Graduate in Painting (Gold Medal), M.M.K. College of Visual Art, Gulbarga University, Karnataka, India, 1995-2000

English (Hons.), St. Paul's College, Calcutta University, India, 1991-93

Lives and works in Kolkata, India.

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Galerie Muller & Plate, Munich
2007 Gallery Threshold New Delhi in collaboration with Aicon Gallery, New York
Adana Biennale, Turkey
Bagash Art Gallery, Dubai
2006 Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore in collaboration with Aicon Gallery, New York
2005 ArtsIndia West, California, U.S.A.;
Holiday Inn, Bangkok
Gallery Artworld, Chennai
2004 Warren Robbins Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI, U.S.A.
VSC Gallery, Johnson, Vermont, U.S.A.
2003 Aurodhan Gallery, Pondichery
2001 Crimson Gallery, Bangalore
1999 Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh
1998 Alliance Francaise, Hyderabad (Part of French Festival)

Select Group Exhibitions

2008 Confronting Globalization, MonArt Gallerie, Kolkata

2007 'Eastern Edge' Gallery ArtsIndia, NewYork
Annual Contemporary fine art fair, Miami
Red Earth Gallery, Baroda
Birla Annual, Kolkata (1996-2007)

2006 Confluence, Gallery ArtsIndia, New York
Gibbs Gallery, Arlington Center for Arts, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
National Art Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2005 Holiday Inn, Bangkok
Gallery Akar Prakar, Kolkata
Art Mosaic, Singapore
Warren Robbins Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

2004 VSC Gallery, Vermont, U.S.A.
National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

2003 India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
CCMB, Hyderabad
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

2001 C.K.P. Art Gallery, Bangalore
Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

2000 Asia Contemporary Art Gallery, London
Nokia Art Gallery, Hong Kong
National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Biswa Banga Millennium Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata

1999 Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai & Bangalore
Gallerie 88, Kolkata
SAARC Exhibition, Information Centre, Kolkata
Gajah Gallery, Singapore
Birla Academy, Mumbai
Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad
Swaraj Bhavan, Bhopal
1998 Oberoi Grand, Kolkata
1997 Govt. Museum, Gulbarga
AIFACS (Drawing) Annual, New Delhi

1996 Bombay Art Society Annual, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Indian Society of Oriental Art Annual, Kolkata

1994 Academy of Fine Arts Annual, Kolkata (1994-1998)


2007 Arad Biennale, Turkey
Galerie Muller & Plate, Munich
Bagash Art Gallery, Dubai
Gallery Sumukha, Chennai


2004 Fulbright Fellowship, U.S.A. (2003-2004)
Vermont Residency Fellowship, U.S.A.

2001 H. K. Kejriwal Fellowship, C.K.P. Bangalore, India

1998 Junior Research Fellowship, Govt. of India (1998-2000)


Bank of America European Collection, London, UK
St. Paul's Cathedral Church, Kolkata
Fulbright House, New Delhi
Museum of Art, Michigan, U.S.A
School of Art & Design, Michigan, U.S.A.
Gallery ArtsIndia, New York
Southern Bank, Singapore
Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata
Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh & Hyderabad
Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad
British Dy. High Commission, Kolkata
RPG, Mumbai
Park Hotel, Kolkata
Benson & Hedges
ITC, Kolkata
University College, London
Ochre India, Hyderabad
Indigo Blue Art, Singapore


Born 1971, Kolkata

B.F.A. Kala-Bhavan, Santiniketan (1992)
M.F.A. Rabindra-Bharati University, Kolkata, gold medal

Partha Shaw is schooled in Santiniketan - a place steeped in artistic tradition and history, initiated by masters like Nandalal Bose and the Tagores, and enhanced by modern and contemporary artists like K.G. Subramanyan, Sunil Das and Dharmanarayan Dasgupta. In Santiniketan, Shaw developed his imagination and creative vision. But despite the overflow of information, he, like most of the other artists there, generated a style of his own and thereby adding to the heritage.. Taking from the unique Indian miniature, Shaw gave shape to his personal vocabulary of artistic expression, which is grounded in Indian tradition but exudes with contemporary modernity as well.

Shaw works mainly in surreal landscapes. In tandem with his Bengali colleagues, his works prioritize figuration. This movement has been aptly termed "Figurative Symbolism." Shaw explains, "Born in the decaying, overcrowded, bustling Kolkata, the profound stillness of shabbily ornamented, architectural remains, that seems to be lost with the upcoming of modern times traverses through my subconscious thus forcing an emergence of mystery and fantasy conjugated in the human presence. The glory that the Indian miniatures carried lost its importance with the roll of time. My searches always tend to glorify this lost gold on a surface that dictates a torn survival in somber darkness. Nowadays I am trying to incorporate traditional Indian miniature art with contemporary modern art. My medium of painting is acrylic. To portray the architectural loneliness I also use some graphical qualities."

Select Solo Exhibitions

1998 OM Art Gallery, New Delhi
1995, 1997 Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata

Select Group Exhibitions

2008 Synchrome4, Akarprokar & Tao, Mumbai
2007 Aicon Gallery, New York
Galleria, Mumbai and New Delhi
Red Earth Art Gallery, Baroda
Arts Alive, New Delhi
Gallery 1, Gurgao
Gallery 88, Bangaluru
2006 Indian Contemporary Art, Gallery Art Positive, Singapore and New Delhi
Gallery Ganesha, New Delhi
Polka Art Gallery, New Delhi
Prakrit Arts, Chennai
Gallery Nvya, New Delhi
2005 Colors of Karma, London
Papermark 2005, Galleria, New Delhi
Sumukha Art Gallery, Bangalore
Gallery Art Postive, New Delhi
Gallery Akar Prakar, Kolkata
Sanskrit Art Gallery, New Delhi and Mumbai
Gallery Art n Soul, New Delhi
Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata


2000 Birla Academy of Arts and Culture (Painting)
1996 Nirod Baran Memerial Prize, Rabindra-Bharati University
1993 Academy of Fine Arts (Painting), Kolkata