Husain & Sons

October 14 - November 4, 2004
New York


Husain and Sons
Featuring M.F. Husain, Shamshad Husain, Owais Husain

October 14 – November 4, 2004
Honorary Guest: Thomas Keehn

Gallery ArtsIndia presents Husain and Sons: A group show featuring the works of M.F. Husain and those of his two sons, Shamshad and Owais Husain. The exhibition will open on Thursday, October 14 and will be on view until November 4, 2004. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, October 14th from 6 to 9 pm. Thomas Keehn, an avid collector of Husain's works and close friend of the Husains, will be the Guest of Honor. The gallery is located at 206 Fifth Avenue (@ 25th St.) on the Fifth Floor. The public is invited.

M.F. Husain is considered one of the pioneers of Contemporary Indian art. Founder and member of the Progressive Artists Group, M.F. Husain introduced new stylistic ideas to India in the late 1940s. He has been one of the most influential artists in India and has helped integrate bright colors, bold expressive lines and overlapping planes into the vocabulary of Contemporary Indian art. The artist consistently explores themes that blend folk, tribal and mythological art to create vibrantly contemporary, living art forms. The endless quest for his cultural roots and a willingness to absorb diverse influences have made M. F. Husain one of the most recognizable figures of contemporary Indian art. He depicts the icons of Indian culture through the ages, seeking to capture the quintessence of his subjects, like Mother Teresa, Krishna and the goddess Saraswati. The works in the show cover many of the mediums that Husain worked in: oil, watercolor and drawings. The canvases will be recent works created by the aged artist while the drawings and watercolors are from the Herwitz Collection.

Husain & Sons is the first show in the United States in which M.F. Husain's works will be juxtaposed alongside those of his sons. Both Owais and Shamshad diverged from the style of their father to establish their personal aesthetic. Shamshad Husain uses the human figure both as an artistic expression and a statement of faith in man's social existence. His stylized figures remain the focus of his works and he often leaves the background uncluttered with realistic details of the place. By doing so, Shamshad explores questions of identity, placement, and commitment in his varied works. Conversely, Owais Husain's figurative works often dwell on transfixed moments between people and situations. His thickly delineated forms created in assured brush strokes are in constant movement and energize his works. Shamshad's and Owais' works in the show will be from the Herwitz Collection and span the oil, watercolor and drawing mediums.

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