Born 1982, Akhtarabad, Pakistan


Khan studied printmaking at the National College of Arts in Lahore. Kahn’s meticulous ink drawings are inspired by Sufi mysticism and miniature drawing. The artist currently lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. Khan employs small dashes and minuscule dots to create large entanglements. Where when two particle-sque units are spread out and entangled, they are essentially ‘in sync’ with each other, and they’ll stay in sync no matter how far apart they are. This idea of togetherness and being seen one as a magnanimous totality is what he partly absorbs from his inclination towards literature and interest in the lives of Sufi poets.


Khan’s work also evoke a sense of scripting, which he likes to see as a discourse between him and his viewer, a dialogue which is very much formatted over the syntax of a monologue.


Graduated as a printmaker, Waqas envisage through his work a view of an autonomous entity and identity, analogous to and following the same developmental patterns as some biological organism.