Born in Bangalore in 1958, Rekha Rodwittiya completed her graduation from The Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda in 1981. She then received the Inlaks scholarship for her M.A. in Painting from Royal College of Art, London in 1984. In 1988-89 she was invited as guest artist to the Konsthogskolan, Stockholm and was also invited to deliver series of lectures on Indian Art at the Ecole des Beaux Arts Grenoble and Castello de Rivoli, Torino in 1991. She did a short stint at the Fullam Institute on Film and Video, and was conferred the Staff Fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation Asian Cultural Council to work in the U.S. in 1990. 

Rekha Rodwittiya's work describes complex issues of life and living, of alienation and belonging, of discrimination and acceptance, of accord and discord. It is of paramount importance to this sensitive artist to react pragmatically to socio-political attitudes that surround her. Her work reflects her sensitivity towards socio-political attitudes along with the reflections from her past.


She does not treat art, and life in isolation and deems it necessary to experience life to paint. Her fervent activity of painting is a struggle for her own rightful existence. The artist explains to say, "I go through all the terror and agony of stepping into an 'unknown'." Her images are a byproduct of her thoughts and emotions, her readings, observations, beliefs, values and vast compilation of past experiences.


The artist draws on a heritage of elemental imagery, tempered by psychological insights, portraying women through the prism of personal experience and day-to-day realities. As she has noted: "Caught within the intricacies of adult angst where the undercurrent of pain was recognized though not fully understood by me, the drawn or constructed image became very early a means of deciphering all that I accumulated from observing....My sense of empathy with the drawn image was that it offered a physicality, and established a concretizing of the otherwise intangible. It became a method, as I perceive it in retrospect, of creating a dialogue that gave meaning to a psychological realm."




1982-84              MA (Painting) Royal College of Art, London, UK.

Awarded a distinction for my thesis “A Painful Journey”.

Received The Unilever Painting Prize at the degree show.

1982-83               Studied Film & Video at the Fulham Institute, London, UK

1982                     Awarded Inlaks Scholarship to study at the Royal College of Art London, U.K

1978                     Studied & practiced photography under the guidance of Prof Jyoti Bhatt

1976                     BFA Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University, Baroda, India


Solo Exhibitions


2016                     Love done right can change the World- To be presented at Vadehra Gallery, Delhi  

Rekha Rodwittiya | The Rituals of Memory: Personal Folklores & Other Tales, Aicon Gallery, New York

2014                     The Guarded Megalopolis of the Feminine Heart, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

2013                     Matters of the Heart, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

2011                     Intangible Interlocution: An Anthology of Belonging, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

2008                     Rekha@ fifty Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

2007                     Second Skin, Air Gallery & Sakshi Gallery, London, UK

Second Skin, Maya Gallery & Sakshi Gallery, London, UK

2006                     Once Upon A Time…, Sakshi Gallery at Shridharani, Delhi

2005                     Encrypted Soliloquies, Sakshi Gallery at Art Folio, Singapore

2003                     Bye-Bye Baby, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

Old Fables : New Myths, Sakshi Gallery in collaboration with Sarjan Art Gallery, Baroda

2001                     Subtexts, Sakshi Gallery, Bangalore

1999                     Time Zones: Home & Away, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

1998                     Evocations, Studio Barbieri, Venice, Italy

1997                     My Body – My Land, Sakshi Gallery, Bangalore

Re-Inscribing Ancestries, Nazar Gallery, Baroda

Borders/Territories, Apparao Galleries at Gallery 678 New York, USA

1996                     In Shades of Red, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

1994                     Sakshi Gallery, Bangalore

1993                     Art Heritage, Delhi

Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay

1992                     Sakshi Gallery, Bangalore

Seagull For Arts, Calcutta

1991                     Sakshi Gallery, Chennai

1990                     Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay

1989                     Art Heritage, Delhi

1988                     Gallery Sassi, Stockholm, Sweden

1987                     Art Heritage, Delhi

1986                     Sarala Art Centre, Chennai

Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay

1985                     Art Heritage, Delhi

Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay

1982                     Urja Art Gallery, Baroda, India


Selected Group Exhibitions


2015                     The Naked and the Nude: The Body in Indian Modern Art, Dag Modern, New York

Sakshi group exhibition at the Park, Chennai

2014                     In-Between, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

2013-14              Forgotten Figures', Aicon Gallery, New York

2013                     The Sakshi Show’, presented by Sakshi Gallery at The Park, Chennai

First Edition, presented by Sakshi Gallery at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad

Mapping Gender: Bodies and Sexualities in Contemporary Art across the Global South,

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

The Possibility of Being, Exhibit 320, New Delhi

In house, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

2012                     Diva, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

Contemporary, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

Contemporary, presented by Sakshi Gallery at The Park, Chennai

Looking Back, Looking Forward, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

                Daya/ On Kindness: An Australia India cultural exchange, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne Australia

Narratives of the Self, Gallery Espace, New Delhi

2011-12               Back to School: Baroda 1979-89, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai

2011                     Anecdotes, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

Daya/On Kindness: An Australia India cultural exchange, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Review, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

Pause: A Collection, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

High-Light, presented by Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai at The Oberoi, Gurgaon

Back to School: Baroda 1979-89, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi

2010-11              A Collection, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

2010                     Gallery Collection, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

Roots, 25th Anniversary Exhibition of Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai at The Park, Chennai.

Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

Dali's Elephant, Aicon Gallery, London

International Ceramic Centre Baroda - Exhibition at ABS Baroda and at Art & Soul Mumbai- 

Wired at the Heart

Singularities, RL Fine Arts, New York the Line of Fire, Lemongrasshopper, Ahmedabad

2009                     Inaugural Show, Sakshi Gallery, Taipei

Arco ’09, Sakshi Gallery, Madrid , Spain

Gallery Collection, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

‘Collection of works,’ Sakshi Gallery Mumbai                           

Zip Files, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai

Finding India, Sakshi Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

Long Gone & Living Now, Gallerie Mirchandani & Steinreucke, Mumbai

2008                     Art Taipei, Sakshi Gallery, Taiwan

Gallery Display, Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

2007                     Sakshi moves to Colaba, Inaugural Show, Bombay

Art on the Wing, An exhibition to support VCARE an animal shelter, Sarjan Gallery, Baroda

Invited to exhibit in a show curated by Paternlab, The Teardrop Explodes, London, UK

Art Miami, Sakshi Gallery, Miami, USA

2006                     Making of Divinity: curated by Ina Puri, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

2004                     Tiranga, rights and responsibilities, curated by Peter Nagy for Shallu & Naveen Jindal, Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay

6 part painting titled A chanced meeting between Nukata No Okimi and a serendipitous yayavar, installed at site in the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and displayed for six weeks, Fukuoka, Japan

2003                     Un passage dans la lumiere” curated by Philippe Mouillon for the Laboratoire in Algiers.

The Said & the Unsaid, Apparao Galleries, Bombay

2002                     Cinema Stills, Apparao Galleries, New Delhi

The Sheen of Metal”, The Pallette Art Gallery, New Delhi

Nav-Nayika , Tao Gallery, Bombay

2001                     Figures in my Mind, Gallery Espace, Delhi

Palette 2001, Delhi

Indian Contemporary Fine Art, Saffron Art & Apparao Galleries, Los Angeles, USA

2000                      Embarkations, The Millennium Show curated by Yashodhara Dalmia, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

a la nuit tombee, curated by Philippe Mouillon for Berge 2000, Grenoble, France

Early works, The Fine Art Company, Bombay

Timeless Visions: Contemporary Art of India, From the Herwitz Collection, Peabody Essex Museum, Massachusetts, USA

Celebration of the Human Image, curated by Yvette Kumar for Gallery 42, Delhi

1999                      The Tale of Six Cities, Lakeeren Art Gallery, Bombay

Pacaembu, curated by Phiippe Mouillon for the Laboratoire, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Participated in the “Benefit Event for the Elephanta Project” organized by Tasneem Mehta for INTACH, Bombay

Imagined Spaces, a one year touring exhibition with Surendran Nair at major art centers in Australia. This exhibition was toured by the Noosa Regional Art Gallery under the directorship of Kevin Wilson.

1998-99              Lines of Desire, curated by Jagjit Chuchun, Alnoor Mitha & Kim Merrington. A Liverpool Art School & Oldham Art Gallery & Museum touring exhibition.

1998                      Indian Spring, Apparao Galleries & Gallerie Martini, USA

1997-98              The Edge of Awareness, curated by Adelina Von Furstenberg (Art for the World) for the 50th anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO). Did an assemblage of three water colors on Maheswari Odhanis titled Stories from the Womb, Geneva – Sao Paulo - New York - Delhi

1997                      Nirguna/Saguna, curated by Peter Nagy, Nature Morte, Delhi

Women Artists of India - A Celebration of Independence - Curated by Mary-Ann Milford-Lutzker, Mills College Art Gallery, California, USA

Epic Reality- Contemporary Narrative Painting from India, from the Herwitz collection

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, USA

1996                      Of Women –icons/stars/feasts, Eicher Gallery, Delhi

12 Contemporary Painters - from 1984 to 1996, The Fine Art Resource, Bombay

Acro da Lapa – curated by Philippe Mouillon for the Laboratoire, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1995-96              Inside Out: Women Artists of India - a touring exhibition in England, curated by Alison Lloyd for the Middlesborough Art Gallery, UK

1995                      Art for Cry, Bombay, Delhi

Portrait Exhibition, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

Dialogues of Peace, Curated by Adelina Von Furstenberg for the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. Constructed a painted room titled Songs from the Blood of the

Weary which is part of the Jehangir Nicholson collection

Bombay, An RPG Exhibition, Bombay

Contemporary Art- Deutsche Bank Bombay, compiled by The Fine Art Resource, Bombay

Indian Winter, Kapil Jariwala Gallery, London, UK

1994                      An exhibition of Womens Art - Society for promotion of art - Hyderabad

1993                      Images, Sakshi Gallery, Chennai

Still Lives, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

Husain ki Sarai , Vadhera Art Gallery, Delhi

Images & Words, A travelling exhibition for communal harmony organized by Sahmat - India

In small format-Works on paper, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

1992                      Journeys within Landscapes, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay

A Nest For Sparrow, curated by C.S Laxmi, Bombay

1989                      Artists Alert, In Memory of Safdar Hashmi, Delhi

1988                      Cry Exhibition, Bombay

Exhibition to Celebrate the Declaration of Human Rights UN, Geneva, Switzerland

1987                      Second Biennial of Havana, Cuba

Alekhya Darsan - Six Young Contemporaries, Geneva, Switzerland

Print exhibition, Centre for Engraving, Geneva, Switzerland

Print exhibition, Bristol, UK

1986                      Sixth International Triennale, Delhi

1985                      Exhibition of Contemporary Indian Art from the Herwitz Collection, New York, Pennsylvania,

Woraster & Vermont, USA

1984                      Young Contemporaries, Sheffield, UK

1983                      John Nevil Gallery, Canterbury, UK

Rebecca Smith Gallery, London, UK

1982                      British Council Gallery, Bombay

1981                      Young Students Exhibition, Planetarium, Baroda

All India Graphic Exhibition, Ahmedabad

1980                      All India Photography Exhibition, Mysore

1979                      Shaishav, photography exhibition, Baroda

1978                      Opening Exhibition of Urja Art Gallery, Baroda





2016                     One month residency supported by Sakshi Gallery & hosted by Linika & Sanjay Kumar, Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu

2010                      Invited for a one month residency at Montalvo Art Centre, USA

2004                      Invited for a three month residency to the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

2003                      Painted on Bombay Suburban train as part of the celebration of the World Social Forum that was conducted in January 2004. This project was organized by Open Circle, Bombay

2000                      Transcultural Drawing Residency (CAIR Fellowship) at the Liverpool Art College, John Moores University, UK

1999                      Invited by the Noosa Regional Council for an international residency program. Surendran Nair was also part of this program, Noosa, Australia

1995                      Worked on site specific location for world art exhibition “Dialogues of Peace” constructing

painted room titled “Songs from the blood of the weary” (duration two months), Geneva, Switzerland

1991                      International Artist in Residence (duration two months), The Magasin Centre National D’Art Contemporain de Grenoble, France

1990                     Asian Cultural Council Rockefeller Foundation “Starr Fellowship” (duration six months), New York, USA

1988-89              Artist in residence at the Konstogskolan Art College – invitation by the Svenska Institute – Stockholm, Sweden


Curatorial Projects


2015                     “Subtextual Documentalists” An exhibition of photographs by Jyoti Bhatt & Manisha Gera Baswani – “The Collective Studio Baroda” in collaboration with “SITE art space” hosted by Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai.

“Subtextual Documentalists” An exhibition of photographs by Jyoti Bhatt, Manisha Gera

Baswani & Noh Suntag from Korea, “The Collective Studio Baroda” in collaboration with “SITE art space” hosted by The Korean Cultural Centre (with assistance from Kim Kyoungae & Kim Changhyun), New Delhi.

2014                     “Residual Remnants" An exhibition of paintings by T.Venkanna, Kim Kyoungae, Abir Karmakar, Poushali Das, Mitali Shah - “The Collective Studio Baroda” in collaboration with “SITE art space”.

“Subtextual Documentalists” An exhibition of photographs by Jyoti Bhatt & Manisha Gera Baswani “The Collective Studio Baroda” in collaboration with “SITE art space.”

“This Side of the Forest” An exhibition by Vasudevan Akkitham, “The Collective Studio

Baroda” in collaboration with “SITE art space.”

“Measured Metres”An exhibition of painting & Sculpture by Indrapramit Roy & Mayur


“The Collective Studio Baroda” in collaboration with “SITE art space”

“Generations-Notional worlds” An exhibition of art by K. G. Subramanyan, Nagji Patel, Surendran Nair, Manisha Parekh, Sonatina Mendes & N..Divya, “The Collective Studio Baroda” in collaboration with “SITE art space.”

2012                     ‘Quiet Conversations from the Courtyard’, Ashvita, Chennai

2011                     ‘Feminine Syntax – Personal Biographies - Lemongrasshopper Art Gallery- Ahmedabad

2008                     “Pernoctation & Early Drawings”, Curated the section of early drawing of Surendran Nair for Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai

1998                     “Cross Currents”, Touring Exhibition co-curated with Jennifer Lloyd, Norway

1997                     “The Printed Image”, Jyoti Bhatt for Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay

1993                     “The Drawn Image”, Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay

1992     “Four Young Contemporaries”, Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay, Sakshi