Born 1969 in New Delhi, the artist lives and works in New Delhi, India.


Pooja Iranna’s world of artistry is one in which structures and textures take center stage. Through her work in mixed media, she examines connecting, intersecting, and dangling lines that form various works with a grid like, architectural style. The results are unpredictable and richly varied: "Falling Sky" (1998) uses interconnected pieces of wood and toothpicks with cloth to depict a scene of order fighting against dissolution into chaos. Another, untitled piece from 1998 uses wood strips, toothpicks, and connecting string to create what looks like a suspension bridge – simultaneously sturdy and (perhaps deceptively) frail.


Pooja Iranna’s art is reflective of her painstaking creative progression. She relies on a two-part process that involves "building up" her pieces in wet and dry stages. She takes various materials; cuts them; pokes holes in them; crushes, slices, and shreds them. She then strengthens and solidifies the materials by gluing, adding layers, and tying knots.