Born in 1973 in Lahore, Faiza Butt attended the National College of Arts in her hometown, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Painting in 1993. She then attended the Slade School of Fine Art, in London, where she received her Masters with Distinction.


Throughout her vast career as an artist, Faiza Butt has touched upon a variety of themes and topics for her artwork. From images of Iranian wrestlers to mug shots of Muslim men found in newspapers and magazines, Butt focuses on exaggerating and beautifying her subject matter, portraying them as a source of enjoyment and gratification. Butt’s Pakistani roots are prevalent throughout her work, whether she is creating works with the painstaking technique of tiny dots, very reminiscent of the par dokht style in miniature painting, or commenting on the social, gender, and political issues faced by young Pakistanis.


Faiza Butt’s impressive career has established her as one of the top contemporary South Asian artists, with shows spanning London, Los Angeles, New York, Lahore, Karachi, New Delhi, and Dubai.