India Art Fair 2018 | Booth B7

February 9 – 12, 2018

Mapping Investment: Syria (Diptych)
Mapping Investment: Pakistan (Diptych)
Landscape (Green Shrub)
Opus AA 1
Garden Party
View I
Angle VI
Angle V
Uncertain Terrains
Ladders of Gravity
Teardrop II
Divine Structure: Hexagon (Diptych)
Opus F1
Red Square (After Malevich)
Maalem Simo Lagnawi
The Doctrine of the Forest (Cuckoonebulopolis) I
The Doctrine of the Forest (Cuckoonebulopolis) II
Madanika/Dunyazade (Cuckoonebulopolis)
The durability of her beauty, polished fingers, her private and delicate proportions made all the city to know that she was a wonder that only nature was able to ponder.
She fell out of Eve's tree, then did dazzled me, dressed so dangerously, a mix of Indian and Atlantic seas stretched her modernity to tackle this culture of forgetting uncertainties, escaped an exotic tragedy, muddling all humanity...
A Ring of selfless idealism transcended her humanity floated her above ocean visual bliss contained body and beauty beating its belly and banished the material for spiritual seasons to take hold until oldness closed
The tree flowered