Abu Dhabi Art 2020

November 19 – 26, 2020

Adeel uz Zafar  Teddy, 2019  Engraving on plastic vinyl  36h x 30w in
Ruby Chishti  The Present is a Ruin Without the People, 2016  Recycled textiles, wire mesh, thread, wood, embellishment, metal scrapes, and archival glue; with sound  82h x 128w x 12d in
Promotesh Das Pulak  Untitled (Thunderous Applause), 2019  Drawing on paper, brass, copper  x5 pieces
Promotesh Das Pulak  Untitled (Not my fault), 2019  Kinetic Sculpture  14h x 39w in
Marcy Chevali  Melusine, 2018  Flame worked glass  13.50h x 9w x 2.50d in
Marcy Chevali  Nida, 2019  Flame worked glass  15.50h x 26w x 7d in
M. F. Husain (1913-2011)  Untitled (Horse with Arabic Alphabet Haa), 2004  Acrylic on canvas  72h x 47.75w in
M. F. Husain (1913-2011)  Untitled (Sarod Player), c. 1970  Oil on canvas  39.75h x 49w in
S. M. H. Raza  Utpatti, 2011  Acrylic on canvas  48h x 24w in
Jagannath Panda (b.1970)  Untitled, 2016  Mixed media on canvas  48h x 36w in
Jagannath Panda (b.1970)  Earth’s Whisper - v, 2019  Acrylic, Fabric, glue, auto paint, plywood  40h x 40w in
Jagannath Panda (b.1970)  Where city meets Sea-1, 2018  Acrylic, Fabric, glue.  90h x 78w in
Jagannath Panda (b.1970)  Substance of faith -ii, 2018  Acrylic, Fabric, glue.  90h x 78w in

Press Release

Aicon Contemporary, New York is delighted to return to Abu Dhabi Art, with a virtual presentation, featuring the works of Maqbool Fida Husain, Syed Haider Raza, Promotesh Das Pulak, Jagannath Panda, and introducing Marcy Chevali. Abu Dhabi Art is a fair we love attending, as we have made some wonderful friends there, over the years. Bringing new and old art and artists there, is like introducing friends to each other.

Husain’s painting in our booth was a show stopper at the 2019 edition of Abu Dhabi Art. This year too, we come back with two spectacular works. One from 1970 and the other from 2002, painted by the late M. F. Husain in the UAE. The 1970 painting is probably showing Ali Akbar Khan, the renowned sarod player from India.

Husain is kept company this year in our booth by S. H. Raza, another late great modernist from India, a fellow member of the Progressive Artists Group. With his beautiful geometric work, Utpatti.

An artist with a strong environmental concern. Jagannath Panda, is new to the Aicon Contemporary booth - with two paintings - Where the City Meets the Sea, and Untitled (Falcon).

Promotesh Das Pulak has been a popular attraction in the Aicon Contemporary. This year we present new, and kinetic work by Pulak. He was a featured artist of the week on Abu Dhabi Art’s website, and has just been selected for a prestigious residency at Harvard University.

Finally, with great pleasure we introduce a new artist, and friend, the American sculptor Marcy Chevali. Chevali uses glass rods, to weave anthropomorphic shapes that are at once poetic, brilliant, delicate and resolute. She has shown multiple times at Aicon Contemporary and other galleries, and has done numerous residencies all over the world.