Aicon Editions

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Aicon Editions is a group of carefully selected works of contemporary art, specially commissioned by Aicon Gallery from its most successful and most sought-after artists. These artists have worked in their signature media to create pieces that are significant works within their ongoing oeuvre. The first group of participating artists is: Farida Batool, Chintan Upadhyay, Baiju Parthan, Raqs Media Collective, Debanjan Roy and Adeela Suleman.

All the artists see these works as new, stand-alone pieces that are important both in their own right but also strongly link to the concerns and themes of their oeuvres. They see these pieces as being no different to other recent works aside from their edition size and their price-point. Each work is a strictly limited edition of 75 with 5 artists proofs. The molds, plates and files used to create the works are destroyed after an edition has been completely produced.

Limited editions have a long and noble history through modernist and contemporary art. It is important to note that Aicon Editions, like the best limited editions, are never simply photographic reproduction of existing works – instead all the artists have specifically responded to the concept of the Aicon Editions project. So each work is accompanied by an artist's statement that expands upon the artist's intentions. The works are also accompanied by a tamper and reproduction-proof Certificate of Authenticity.

Aicon Editions offers collectors the chance to acquire important new art works at non-prohibitive price points. There is no doubt that the rising prices for contemporary art from South Asia has made it more challenging for collectors to acquire strong works and Aicon Editions is a corrective to this. Moreover Aicon Editions allows collectors a way in to understanding each of our artists overall oeuvre. We believe both in the importance of bringing contemporary art from South Asia to new collectors and also of enabling existing collectors to continue to acquire strong works – and we believe that Aicon Editions fulfills both of these functions.